Saturday, June 26, 2010

P is for Picture

My good friend Peggy taught me a wonderful technique for commentary on an adventure. When we took her son on a spring break expedition with us she required that we return him with a "Picture of the Day" to share the story of his adventure. We had great fun discerning and posing or choosing the POTD, as it came to be called, for each of the 10 days we were traveling across the plains to Colorado and eventually Arizona. My favorite photo of that trip is three middle school boys standing solemnly in swim trunks in a hotel shower.

Today was my first day of vacation. I slept away the first part of the day and putzed around my porch and backyard for the afternoon. The most exciting activity of the day is represented below in what I will call the POTD. The way I intend to handle this on the B's Backyard Blog will be for you to submit your captions using the comments feature. Eventually I'll offer a comment, too, providing an accounting of the image. So here's the first Picture of the Day feature. I can't wait to read your captions!


Anonymous said...

My Nessie, What a large Mole you have. You should have that removed. Oh I see you, from your yard.

Love Auntie Mary

Bronwyn said...

Thanks, Mary. And Uncle Larry says "No, no, you need to EXTEND your arms more when doing the backstroke!"

Beth said...

Are you dead yet - cause I think only possums can play dead. And no - I don't want to rub your belly!

Barbi said...

Remember to breathe in through your nose and out through your nose when doing this yoga pose.

Anonymous said...

"And the mole was indeed able to do the backstroke, much to the surprise of the dog."
- Anonymous Contributor