Wednesday, April 6, 2011

V is for Verizon

I made an impassioned plea to T-Mobile to release the three remaining Skovs from our contract with no penalty. I was articulate and impassioned in my statement, pointing out that I had never chosen them as a service provider in the first place. They inherited me in a corporate merger many years ago. I thanked them for their excellent customer service and their assistance in getting my youngest son off of the family plan when we determined that there simply is no T-Mobile option for a college student residing on campus at Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. They were gracious and allowed us to "port" Joren over to Verizon.

I went on to explain that having a Verizon phone in our home and visiting our aging parents provided clear and compelling evidence that Verizon's coverage is superior to T-Mobile in the geographic locations we frequent most often. I told them I would be leaving at the end of the contract time anyway and asked that they indulge a long term customer (over 12 years) by releasing us from the current contract (approximately 14 months left) with no penalties. I sent the two page tomb with a stamp, a prayer, and crossed fingers.

I am pleased to report that old fashioned letters still work. And here I publicly proclaim that I left T-Mobile a satisfied customer and only departed over terms of coverage. THANK YOU, T-MOBILE!!!

So, Verizon, time to step up. You are more expensive, but there is a saying, "You get what you pay for." We are now a Verizon family, including a MiFi for Internet coverage. That would be because CenturyLink still has ZERO OPTIONS for anything other than dial-up at our residence. I would have ditched them long ago, except when one lives in a somewhat isolated rural home, one is inclined to keep a land-line for purposes of calling 911 in an emergency. Yes, we still have a phone attached to the wall that requires no electricity to operate.

So I pay a lot of money to Verizon and Dish Network for connectivity to the technologically and electronic part of the world. And we're having fun utilizing our new gadgets. Arthur LOVES his Droid and has become the App Acquisition King of the household. Dale just learned how to answer incoming calls on his phone the third day of possession. He still hasn't set up his mailbox and he's struggling with the "tiny" keys on the keypad.

I am loving my iPhone. So far my favorite App is Euchre 3D - but the Kindle App is running a close second.

So call me or text me or FaceBook me or send me an email. I can receive them all where ever Verizon goes!

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