Monday, September 12, 2011

Almost Autumn

When I walked the dog out back this morning, even though the mercury was past 75 and on it's way to 90 today, the marks of autumn were certainly in the air and in the fields.

Soybeans are just beginning to morph from green to gold, and much of the corn has already begun to dry and rattle in the wind.

Everything is dusty and dry for lack of rain. Hot as it got today, it really felt like a blustery bravado harkening the cooler weather following this front. My favorite time of the year approaches.

I love late September and early October when flowers are still blooming, fall crops are ripening for harvest, cool fronts keep humidity low, skies brilliant blue, and clouds puffy and white.

Sunsets and moonrises are typically spectacular. And in 10 days the equinox will mark the official change of season.

I could tell it was close tonight when I witnessed a simultaneous sunset/moonrise 180 degrees apart on the horizons.

Very cool.

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