Sunday, November 14, 2010

J is for Jeep

I love my Jeep.

It's an old beater, already showing rust, with a little 2.5 litre four-banger under the hood. Fortunately I can manage the lack of power by manipulating the power ratio with the 5-speed manual transmission. Crawling through the snowplow ridge at the top of the driveway in four-wheel-drive yesterday was a moment of personal satisfaction. This winter Arthur and Dale will no longer be able to strand me here without plowing after snowstorms. Last year they would depart in the morning leaving me behind with a low-slung Ford Focus SVT in a Ford F150 and a Toyota Rav4. I rarely made it past the curve in the drive way with little hope for cresting the snowplow wake.

This winter it will be different. I have high clearance AND four-wheel drive!

We left the lid off the Jeep until almost Halloween. Now the hard top is on with the wind whistling through the Yakima towers and cross bars. But it's warm and cozy inside if noisy.

One of my boys saw a bumper sticker that I would like to have.

"Silly boys, Jeeps are for girls!"

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