Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Sale is On . . . . Almost

For the past 15 years I have spent this particular week of October, post-wedding-anniversary-week, cleaning and organizing the costume shop in preparation for the annual opening for the Halloween season. It usually entails me spending every available minute in the shop and pacing back and forth between the old granary and the laundry room in the house, hauling loads of laundry across the driveway.

This year I'm spending the week saying good bye to costumes that have become old friends. My Halloween season will only be three days long this year, October 6, 7, & 8, as we attempt to sell off the inventory with all of its accessories and decorations for good. Once and for all. Forever. Wow.

Little did they know it, but Arthur and Marisol and some friends gave me the unexpected pleasure of costuming one more group as they prepared to go to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival on Saturday morning. I manhandled a couple of costume rookies into a monk's robe and a musketeer costume. Robin Hood mostly costumed himself, as did Arthur, Ian, and Marisol. They indulged me by posing for pictures. Little did they know they would be the last group I sent out in costumes expecting to welcome them back. It was such a gift.

My best friends are all showing up to help with various preparations this week. Peggy keeps volunteering for "slave labor." I continue to advise her that it isn't slave labor when one openly volunteers. Peggy and Norma spent the afternoon with me painting signs today. Truaxes and Wanamakers came out to pitch the tent for the premium costumes tonight. Dale and Arthur have been helping haul heavy stuff around. And Janet, Peggy, and Mary have helped divide the personal keepsakes from the salable inventory. Over the next four days I will be blessed with help from the nine most dedicated friends and volunteers. Kathy, Mary, Barb, Dani, Beth, Linda, Phyllis, Janet, and Katie - you will never know how grateful I am for the help, and mostly the companionship and friendship, you have offered over the years. I can't wait to see everyone this weekend. We have to pack our entire Halloween season into three days!

Tomorrow I begin the pricing game and Thursday we open the doors on the tent and the shop to send it all off for good. I'm really not sure how I feel about all of this. So if you're in the neighborhood, drop in to say hello. We're charging for costumes and other household treasures, but hugs are always free!

FYI - we're selling some old furniture, antiques, camping equipment, and miscellaneous household items, too. Should be a good sale. Hope to see you this weekend!


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